BD Diesel Cobra Twin Turbo Kit 13-18 Cummins

Part Number: 1045795

*BD Diesel Cobra S361SX-E / S476SX-E Twin Turbo Kit - 13-18*

Borg Warner Twin turbos matched to provide the wide range of air needed for Street and Strip performance. Our kit includes everything you need for bolt-on next-level performance, 900-1400 flywheel horsepower, in a compact package.

BD Diesel's engineers have designed the Cobra kit for maximum power and efficiency, while remaining compact. Clean, optimized design keeps Air Conditioning and Shock tower in stock position!

* Wastegate ready exhaust manifold

* 5" turbo outlet close-radius Cobra casting

* 5" Downpipe

* Retains passenger battery with custom mounting tray

* Compatible with A/C and shock tower mount

* 5" Velocity stack air filter with filter shroud

* V-band on the inlet to the secondary turbo

* Custom coolant tube and formed silicone hose

* Twin volute divided hot-pipe

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