Chevy Cruze Diesel Tuner

Part Number: FPE-TUNE-CRZ-LUZ1

The Chevy Cruze Diesel tuner comes loaded with 3 tuning options; a 30hp tune (see results below), 40hp tune, and a 50hp tune*. All tunes retain the factory emissions equipment and attain similar fuel economy to the factory calibration when driven in a similar manner.

Features and Benefits:

- Increased Throttle Response
- Smooth Driving Characteristics
- Increased Top End Performance
- Factory Emissions Intact
- Reduced Torque Limiting
- Update Capabilities

30 hp Tune Dyno Results:

@2100 RPM: +73hp/183 lb-ft

@3000 RPM : +31hp/54 lb-ft

@3200-3800 RPM: +30hp/49 lb-ft

*The 50hp tune may cause accelerated diesel particulate accumulation with repeated full throttle launches. This may cause more frequent regeneration and possibly require a manual regeneration that must be performed using a GM service tool. Fleece Performance is not responsible for expenses incurred due to the use of this tuner.

  • Vendor: Fleece
  • Type: Unknown Type

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