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Banks 42279 Ram-Air Intake 19-24 Cummins

Banks 42279 Ram-Air Intake 19-24 Cummins

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FOR 2019-2024 RAM 2500/3500 6.7L CUMMINS



With the highest airflow at the lowest pressure loss, the Banks Ram-Air lets your turbo work less hard, spin slower, and create less heat to maintain optimum boost pressure.

Compared to the rest, the Banks Ram-Air® is the only intake able to feed enough air into our Monster-Ram Intake Elbow without acting as a throttle on the engine.

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When matched with a Monster-Ram Intake Elbow and 3.5in Banks Boost-Tubes, maximum engine efficiency can be achieved, bringing enhanced fuel economy and consistent power delivery.


The Banks Ram-Air removes the restrictive stock S shaped plastic snorkel with a straight connection to the front scoop.

At highway speeds or when towing, fresh cool air from outside the engine bay is constantly being forced into the airbox, keeping intake temps low and density or Mass Air Flow up.

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A durable and lightweight XLPE molded design insulates against external heat better than metal heat shields or tubes.

Its oversized internal volume acts as a plenum of fresh cool air that is insulated from the engine bay heat.

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This reduces pressure loss in the intake and improves air density within the sealed box, maximizing power and throttle response.

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