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BD Diesel

BD Diesel Intercooler Hose/Clamp Kit 94-02 Cummins

BD Diesel Intercooler Hose/Clamp Kit 94-02 Cummins

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Nothing can put an end to a quarter mile pass or hill climb faster than a turbo hose that blows off. Now, you can eliminate this problem with BD’s new hose and clamp kits. Eye-catching blue Nomex silicone hoses can withstand over 100 psi of boost, and are secured by rugged, spring-loaded, stainless steel T-bar clamps. Engineered for each individual application, BD hose and clamp kits are a must for any modified turbo diesel.

Our Hose and Clamp Kits feature:

* 4-ply and 5-ply Blue Nomex silicone boots are heat and tear resistent Designed to withstand over 100 PSI of boost

* Rugged spring-loaded stainless steel T-bar clamps provide up to 400 lbs of clamping pressure to create the ultimate hold

* Engineered specifically for each application

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