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Mishimoto MMOC-RAM-07 Replacement Oil Cooler 07+ Cummins

Mishimoto MMOC-RAM-07 Replacement Oil Cooler 07+ Cummins

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Oil is the lifeblood of an engine, and in a hardworking diesel engine like the 2007+ Dodge Ram 5.9L/6.7L Cummins, keeping that oil cool is essential to the engine's health.

The stock 2007+ Dodge Ram 5.9L/6.7L Cummins liquid-to-liquid oil cooler uses engine coolant to draw heat away from the oil and vent it through the engine radiator. It's a stout design that typically performs well for daily driven trucks. However, after up to 16 years of service, many of those stock coolers have seen better days.

A clogged or leaking oil cooler can reduce the oil's ability to transfer heat to the coolant, causing thinning and a loss of protection for critical engine components. That's why Mishimoto is proud to offer a stock-style replacement 2007+ Dodge Ram 5.9L/6.7L Cummins oil cooler. This replacement cooler, complete with new seals, will restore and improve your 5.9L or 6.7L Cummins oil cooling and protect your engine from unnecessary wear.

This cooler is a direct fit and provides all the cooling a daily driven 5.9L/6.7L Cummins needs at an affordable price point. Like all Mishimoto Dodge Ram products, this 2007+ Dodge Ram 5.9L/6.7L Cummins stock replacement oil cooler is backed by our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty for a lifetime of worry-free driving.
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